Argil Inc.

Argil is a silicon valley based start-up developing breakthrough smart window technology that delivers superior performance at a fraction of the cost of alternate smart window technologies.

Ariosa Diagnostics (A Roche Company)

Ariosa Diagnostics, Inc., is a molecular diagnostics company committed to innovating together to improve patient care. The flagship product, the Harmony Prenatal Test, is a safe, highly accurate and affordable prenatal test for maternal and fetal health. Led by an experienced team, Ariosa is using its proprietary technology to perform a directed analysis of cell-free DNA in blood.

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The Harmony test equips pregnant women and their healthcare providers with reliable information to make decisions regarding their health, without creating unnecessary stress or anxiety.

The company was acquired by Roche in January 2015 with operations based in San Jose, Calif.


BioCellection Inc. is a plastic waste upcycling technology innovation lab headquartered in California. Confronted by the immensity of the plastic pollution problem, our company is on a mission to eradicate plastic pollution through developing technologies to treat hard-to-recycle plastics. Our team invented a proprietary thermochemical process that can transform contaminated plastic bags and rigid packaging into resources for the materials, chemical, and biological industries. Our business model is to sustain our growing platform technology research through spinning out products generated from our technology with external partners.

ChiroSolve Inc.

ChiroSolve, Inc. was established in September 2005 as a means to provide the fine and specialty chemical sectors with improved technology for developing routes to enatiomerically pure compounds. We have designed a portfolio of unique, automation-friendly, high throughput products and services, that eliminate the trial and error nature of the diastereomeric crystallization technology, resulting in dramatically reduced process development times and measurable cost savings. 

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Using ChiroSolve solutions, a scientist can define a comprehensive, scalable and optimized chiral resolution method within a matter of days and have the pure enantiomer in-hand to carry out lead identification and pre-clinical studies. Today, ChiroSolve solutions are being used by such major pharmaceutical companies as Merck, Biogen Idec, Sanofi Group, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Amgen, Vertex and are sold worldwide through the help of our distribution partners Sigma Aldrich and Thermo Fisher.

The growing demand for single isomer drugs, agrochemicals, flavor and fragrance ingredients has led to the need for more efficient and productive methods for the synthesis of these optically active molecules. Diastereomeric crystallization method is the most commonly used method used during manufacturing of Enantiopure products, mainly because of its robustness, success rate, as well as the cost of manufacturing. Today over 55% of Enantiopure products are manufactured using this method.

ChiroSolve was founded by Dr. Niteen Vaidya who is considered an industry expert on Diastereomeric Crystallization with over 30 years of in-depth experience. All the products and services offered by ChiroSolve are based on this technology and are designed to identify optimum chiral separation methods that can be scaled up and optimized easily.

Collagen Solutions USA INC.

Collagen Solutions US Inc. provides medical grade bovine collagen, corium and tendon from closed herd and GBR1 countries and will customize the collagen based on your needs.   Our current products range from minimally processed to highly purified soluble collagen.

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We also offer Research and Development services to create devices from concept to clinicals which includes technology transfers to outside contract manufacturing facilities.


ConfometRx is developing a platform of structure-based drug development tools to facilitate target validation, lead identification, and lead optimization for G protein coupled receptor (GPCR) targets. 

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This platform includes: the production of pure, functional GPCRs for high-resolution structure determination by crystallography, and the engineering of GPCRs to facilitate crystal formation; the efficient and economical expression of GPCRs for NMR-based drug discovery applications; and the generation of receptor-specific, functional antibodies for target validation, therapeutics and GPCR crystallography.

Edison Pharmaceuticals

Edison is a world leader in the discovery and development of redox drugs. The company has obtained orphan designation in both the United States and Europe for its first drug candidate, EPI-743 (Vincerinone®).

Epinomics Inc.

Decode the programming of our genome to drive personalized medicine, leveraging big data analytics and proprietary epigenomics technology with 1000x improvement over existing technologies to impact drug development and clinical applications.


At eSionic we are passionate about solving problems at energy electronics nexus. We are enabling devices and systems that consume less materials, generate less waste, have longer life, operate with higher reliability, use less energy, integrate seamlessly, operate more efficiently and cost less. We are doing this through the use of proprietary molecular systems.

Genista Biosciences

Genista Biosciences is an emerging biotechnology company focused on developing a broad range of research and diagnostic tools. We provide gene expression, genotyping, and other gene based services to our clients products and services meeting their precise needs in pharmaceutical, government, biotech, academic, and other industrial applications.

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Genista Biosciences currently offers customized gene expression products and services for faster, cost effective biomarker discovery and validation using real time PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) technology. We also provide NAT (Nucleic Acid Testing) assays for Oncology research by identifying biomarkers that have prognostic and diagnostic utility.

In addition, using real time PCR, we offer unique services for pathogen detection in food, animal, water, soil and environmental testing specific to client requirements. Genista Biosciences is committed to its mission to offer excellent quality and value to its customers.


Genia’s mission is to make genetic information universally available. Our proprietary integrated circuits and NanoTag chemistry enable massively parallel single-molecule DNA sequencing.  

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This versatile nanopore-based platform allows for single molecule, electrical, real-time analysis without the need for complicated optics, labels, amplification, or fluidics. By developing a true integrated circuit on standard semiconductor process technology, Genia’s sequencing platform enables the use of molecular diagnostics in everyday clinical care.

GeneWeave biosciences

GeneWeave Biosciences is developing transformative diagnostic platform.

Gridtential Energy

Energy storage is the next great Silicon Valley technology frontier. An economic, flexible and resilient solution will enable a wave of clean energy technologies including Smart Grid management, long-range electric vehicles and dispatchable renewable energy.

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Gridtential Energy is a formation-stage Silicon Valley company created by an experienced team of serial inventors and entrepreneurs. Our goal is to develop an exciting new energy storage concept into a market-ready product that will change the way the world generates and uses energy.

Impossible Foods Inc.

Impossible Foods is transforming the global food system by inventing a better way to make the meats and cheeses we love, without using animals. We start by understanding what we love about the wonderfully complex experience of eating meat and dairy foods, and then exploring the plant world to find and bring together specific proteins and nutrients to recreate those experiences. Our mission is to provide food without compromise – delicious, good for people, and good for the planet.

Intelligent Energy

Intelligent Energy is an intellectual property rich company with over 23 years in R&D, resulting in over 550 patents (granted or pending). We specialize in the development of modular, low carbon fuel cell systems for our blue chip partners and their global mass markets.

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With over 300 staff based across operating sites and offices around the world, we develop technology that is tailored to suit our partners’ power technology needs – collaborating from early in the design process and embedding our proprietary technology platform into their products. We work in three market sectors – automotive, consumer electronics and distributed power & generation . It is our ecosystem of partners that is at the heart of Intelligent Energy.

Reviva Pharmaceuticals

Reviva Pharmaceuticals Inc. is an emerging research based pharmaceutical company focused on developing a portfolio of internally discovered next generation safe and effective therapeutic drugs by using an integrated chemical genomics-based technology platform and proprietary chemistries. The company is currently focused on developing drugs for the central nervous system (CNS), cardiovascular (CV), infectious, metabolic and inflammatory diseases. 

Reel Solar

SI provides technology, tools, materials and know-how to the leaders in photovoltaic manufacturing. The company was founded in 2009 by a team of capital equipment veterans based in Silicon Valley, California. The RSI team has worked together for many years and have deep experience in ramping from development to production.

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Our objective is to make photovoltaics competitive without subsidy. To do that we must adress capital investment, manufacturing and installation costs.

RSI’s process enables the manufacture of large cadmium telluride solar panels. Compared to silicon modules they are two-thirds the cost for the same module size and energy output. Compared to conventional CdTe modules they are almost three times the size, leading to lower manufacturing & installation costs.

RSI works with regional manufacturing partners to deliver the lowest cost, locally manufactured photovoltaic modules, with the lowest possible capital investment. Only one exclusive manufacturing license will be granted for each region.

Single Cell Technology

Single Cell Technology (SCT) is a biotech company operating from the San Jose BioCenter. The CEO is Dr. Chun-Nan Chen and the COO is Jim Bowlby.

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Single Cell Technology has pioneered a better way to identify and optimize antibodies. After several pharma contracts, SCT is poised to capitalize off its own technology to identify and commercialize both therapeutic and diagnostic antibodies. The company has a strong intellectual portfolio both in the United States and worldwide. SCT has licensed its technology for use in specific areas and anticipates additional partnerships in the future.

In addition, SCT performs contract services for pharmaceutical and bio-pharmaceutical companies interested in the antibody repertoire of immune more

SkyScan Microtomography

Bruker microCT develops and manufactures systems for 3-dimensional non-destructive X-ray imaging of an object’s internal microstructure – microtomography or micro-CT. 

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Building on more than thirty-four years experience, SkyScan made the first commercial desktop microCT scanner in 1996. SkyScan microCT scanners today reach a spatial resolution in the submicron range.

SlipChip Corporation

At SlipChip, we make high-complexity laboratory assays easy to perform, affordable and accessible across a wide range of environments through our “one-touch” sample to answer solution.

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We are changing the way nucleic acids and proteins are detected, quantified and characterized in order to enable:
• Point-of-care diagnostics in domestic and global health settings
• Field-based measurements for industrial applications
• Complex assays across a range laboratory settings, which would traditionally require capital equipment

Stratedigm Inc.

In November 2004, Rosa Chang and Shervin Javadi founded Stratedigm, Inc., in Silicon Valley. Our company’s goal is to exceed our customers’ needs by working directly with them, designing products with manufacturability and serviceability in mind, and integrating green processes at every level.

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Our company’s culture is based on a three pronged foundation and a set of simple, yet powerful core values:

  • Core Values – 
    • We persevere
    • We learn from our failures and face our successes with humility
    • We value honesty and integrity among ourselves and our partners
    • We will never take any steps that are detrimental to our organization
    • We demand ownership over our deliverables and accept accountability
  • Giving Back − We encourage our team to spend time contributing to its favorite organizations.
  • Being Lean − We offer lighter, smaller, high-performance instruments that yield a lower shipping impact, and our energy-efficient CellCapTure software throttles down power usage when an instrument is idle.
  • Going Green − Our products are designed with consideration for the environment. For example, our flow cytometers use 1/3 less sheath fluid and 75% less power than the market leader.

Tandem Sciences

Tandems Sciences, Inc is a California based custom synthesis and contract research company focused on leveraging our organic, medicinal and combinatorial chemistry expertise to support the early drug discovery programs in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry.

Our mission is to provide high quality products and services to meet the expectations of our customers in timely fashion.

Tricorntech Corporation

Founded in 2008, the company’s leading portable gas analysis platform for the industry as the core, locked VOC (volatile organic matter) for the monitoring of the object, with a light volume of the laboratory level of testing performance, to provide real, immediate , Continuous and accurate gas analysis information, as well as a full range of solutions.

Zere Energy & BioFuels Inc.

ZERE Energy and Biofuels, Inc. formerly Clean EnGen Group, LLC, was formed in 2008.  ZERE filed a patent for its core technology in 2009 and an additional patent in 2010.  ZERE’s founders include the Chief Technology Officer with 30+ years experience in the energy field managing all sides of the power generation business including gas turbine, natural gas, and alternative energy, prior to ZERE’s solid fuel chemical looping innovation to generate energy. 

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The balance of the ZERE team consists of the CEO with 20+ years of operational experience bringing products to market in the high tech industry with the last several years leading early stage clean technology companies, plus the Chief Engineering Officer having 15+ years of engineering and project management experience in energy and gas turbine businesses. The ZERE management team has come together from multiple industries and successful start up ventures to bring novel environmentally conscious energy and biofuels to market. Their combined experience in power generation, engineering, and operations gives ZERE a unique advantage in bringing their biomass conversion technologies to market.

zNano Systems

The zNano Water Recycling System was developed in collaboration with Nasa Scientists whom are working to sustain astronauts on the manned mission to Mars.