Adepthera LLC

Adepthera LLC is a biopharmaceutical company committed to developing and commercializing biologic therapeutics for life-threatening diseases. The mission of Adepthera is to translate endocrine knowledge into business that generates first-in-class drugs for unmet medical needs.

Aridis Pharmaceuticals

Aridis Pharmaceuticals is a bio-pharmaceutical company developing drugs to treat infectious disease. The Company has optimized a number of product candidates by leveraging its proprietary formulation and delivery technologies.

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These products have significant market potential and address unmet medical needs in the growing population of patients with serious lung diseases like pneumonia, cystic fibrosis, bronchiectasis and COPD. With a management team responsible for several of the top drugs at Genentech and MedImmune, Aridis has advanced its pipeline through significant preclinical milestones using non-dilutive funding totaling over $20 million.

BioMarker Pharmaceuticals Inc.

At BioMarker our vision is to provide interventions that will extend a healthy human lifespan by slowing the process of aging, and delaying the onset of age-related diseases. We address the primary health concerns of all individuals: how to maintain a high quality level of health well into old age.

Brotecs Technologies LLC

BroTecs Technologies Limited is a software development company. At Brotecs we are working with technology that provides innovative product solutions for today’s converged communication environments. Our clients range from Fortune 500 / Global 2000 to promising start-ups.

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Our services include the following:

Aviation Communication Product Design & Development

Converged Networking Product Design & Development

Voice/Data Communication Protocol Development

Mobile Application Design & Development

Wireless Product Design & Development

Financial Transaction System Integration & Development

Device Driver Design & Development

Enterprise Application Integration

As an independent software vendor (ISV), we specialize in software innovations and custom application development. We employ a flexible delivery model to provide development services for various engagement types using our process-centric approach. Our ability to help you goes beyond writing code. From analysis, design, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance, our expertise encompasses the full spectrum of the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). Whether you are looking to services a complete software application, or are seeking additional talents to help with a specific stage of development, the BroTecs team can extend your development capabilities and deliver solutions that fit your needs. Our service offerings include:

Software Research and Prototyping

Requirements Analysis and Specification

Software Product Design and Development

Component Design and Integration

Full Product Testing Cycle

Customization Services


Software Product Support

As a provider of enterprise-class software process solutions, BroTecs has made significant investment in leading edge technologies such as Microsoft .NET, Java/J2EE/J2ME, BlackBerry, Symbian, and a variety of open source technologies including Asterisk, FreeSWITCH, SER, SugerCRM etc. The combination of our skills, tools and the various domain expertise allows us to deliver quality services in a cost-effective manner, thus providing greater ROI to our clients than traditional offshore services vendors.



Chronix Biomedical

Chronix Biomedical. Inc. is pioneering a unique approach to the detection of personal biomarkers for, monitoring and management of a broad range of cancers, neurologic diseases and other medical conditions. It has developed proprietary technology that measures and categorizes DNA sequences circulating in the blood that are associated with specific changes in disease and health status.

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Using advanced genome analysis methodology, proprietary data tools and disease-specific databases, Chronix has published its results on spongiform encephalopathies, multiple sclerosis, breast cancer, prostate cancer and multiple myeloma in several scientific journals. It is currently conducting studies in other cancers. Chronix is headquartered in San Jose, California and has research facilities in Brookings, South Dakota and Germany.


We are Ionobell, a battery startup with scientists and engineers who are convinced that nature can inspire us and help bring about technology that can improve the way we use energy, specifically the way we power electronic devices. We are investigating lithium-ion batteries using alternative materials to what is used in today’s batteries, such as cobalt-based cathodes and synthetic graphite anodes.

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We studied the performance of mushroom-based anodes in lithium-ion batteries, and have found that they have unique properties which would have many advantages over graphite. We even published our findings in the journal Nature Scientific Reports. We don’t want to stop there; there are plenty of natural systems that we want to take advantage of, while continuing to study fungi as battery materials.

Besides the mushroom technology, we have been investigating ways to recycle waste material into electrodes that will increase the charge life and cycle life of batteries, translating to longer lasting smart phones and electric vehicles (EVs) that can be driven over 300 miles after a single charge.

Loop Genomics

Loop Genomics is a Y Combinator-backed genomics company developing single molecule, long read DNA sequencing technology.


Luminostics is a Y Combinator-backed startup developing a smartphone adaptor for the 15-minute detection and/or quantitation of biological targets such as bacteria, viruses, hormones and protein biomarkers from a variety of liquid samples. Luminostics’ vision is to democratize molecular-level health information and empower people to diagnose or monitor themselves anywhere, anytime they want.


MIODx is a early stage diagnostics company focused on developing and commercializing proprietary genomic tests and services to improve the diagnosis, prognosis and response to treatment in oncology, infectious disease, and other metabolic disorders. We have currently developed a pipeline of genomic tests in the oncology setting based on a proprietary method of analysis and are expanding our portfolio into infectious disease testing.

Oxford BioTherapeutics

Oxford BioTherapeutics (OBT) is focused on the development of targeted antibody-based medicines for oncology. OBT’s strategy is to develop innovative antibody-based cancer drugs, with integrated diagnostics, against  novel targets that it has discovered in its unique OGAP® proteomic database.


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Through its alliances with world leaders in antibody development (see Collaborations), OBT is in an unrivalled position to convert its novel targets into an  exciting pipeline of first-in-class therapeutics for the treatment of cancer. OBT’s pipeline will deliver cost-effective medicines to fulfill the major unmet medical need of cancer patients.



Power Integrations Inc.

Power Integrations, Inc., is a Silicon Valley-based supplier of high-performance electronic components used in high-voltage power-conversion systems. Our integrated circuits and diodes enable compact, energy-efficient AC-DC power supplies for a vast range of electronic products including mobile devices, TVs, PCs, appliances, smart utility meters and LED lights. Our CONCEPT IGBT drivers enhance the efficiency, reliability and cost of high-power applications such as industrial motor drives, solar and wind energy systems, electric vehicles and high-voltage DC transmission.

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Since its introduction in 1998, Power Integrations’ EcoSmart® energy-efficiency technology has prevented billions of dollars’ worth of energy waste and millions of tons of carbon emissions. Reflecting the environmental benefits of our products, Power Integrations’ stock is a member of clean-technology stock indices sponsored by Cleantech Group LLC and Clean Edge. Visit our Green Room for a comprehensive guide to energy-efficiency standards around the world.

Siri Pharma Labs

Siri Pharma Labs provides a full range of pre-clinical contract research services for studies focused on customized disease models (oncology, metabolic, and inflammatory disease areas); and consulting, study design, protocol preparation, data reporting, and pre-IND report generation.

          SISL Networks Inc.

SISL Networks Inc.

South Bay Biotech

South Bay Bio is a new biotechnology company dedicated to advancing research in the ubiquitin proteasome system.Our mission is to provide innovative HTS products & services, accelerating early stage drug development for cancer and neurodegenerative diseases.

Xytogen Biotech Inc.

We are a human stem cell based biotech company seeking to commercialize solutions in burn/wound healing and aesthetics.


The mission of zPREDICTA (formerly Ixchel Scientific) is to eliminate the guesswork from drug development.