“We have some wonderful companies that are innovating for tomorrow’s generation. It is an absolute honor to have these individuals in our facility.” 

-Anthony Gonzalez

Managing Director  San Jose BioCube 

“There is an amazing talent pool of people here at the BioCube. It is a place filled with some of the most intelligent people I have ever come across. 

-Oscar Battaglia  

Facilties & Operations Manager San Jose BioCube

“Its a complete solution for us. I have conference space, a cafe, and a very professional looking lobby which I do not have to manage myself.” 

-Christiaan Beekhuis  

CEO Gridtential Energy

“For a young company, it is critically important to not have to worry about facility infrastructure. The ability to have everything ready to carry out the process of scientific discovery is very important.”

-Dr. Vu Truong  

CSO Aridis Pharmaceuticals 

“When we interact with potential investors, they come to the facility having an immediate sense of validation.”

– Dr. Chun-Nan Chen

CEO & CSO Single Cell Technologies

“My experience at the BioCube has been great! The facility has everything that I need from the cell tissue culture room, bacteria room, flow cytometry, and microscopy. Everything is located in close proximity, and I don’t need to go anywhere else.”

-Dr. Julia Kirshner

CEO zPredicta

Peek Technologies LLC.

“The BioCube is a great place for start up companies. If you are starting something new, the facility has several pieces of capital equipment to help you with your process.”

-Dr. Wilma Mangan  

CEO Peek Technologies  

“The management staff here at the BioCube is extremely helpful. If something needs to be fixed, they take care of it very quickly.”

-Heeral Kothari  

Associate Scientist Aridis Pharmaceuticals

“The service here at the BioCube is 5 stars across the board. The staff are extremely competent, knowledgeable, and are excellent at communicating.” 

-Nickolas Attanasio  

Research Associate Oxford BioTherapeutics